Why let through Open House Torbay

No matter how you became a landlord or how many properties make up your portfolio, the benefits of having what is likely to be your most valuable asset managed by experienced, knowledgeable and successful professionals are considerable.

Appointing a letting agent to look after your rental property is a shrewd move, as it instantly puts the home in front of an audience of thousands of potential tenants, ensures all maintenance and repair issues will be dealt with in a timely manner and takes the strain off you when it comes to collecting rents.

Indeed, we have the ability to relieve the pressure on you entirely, allowing you to enjoy the income generated by your rental property without any of the hard work.

You will not be required to evaluate tenants, deal with legal documents or identify contractors to carry out work on the home. Instead, we will oversee it all for you and much more, before transferring your rental payment to your account via BACS.

Open House has more than 20 years of experience in the property industry, making us the ideal choice for those of you seeking an agent with a successful track record in helping landlords make the most of their properties.

We appreciate that your investment needs to work for you, so we will seek to achieve the highest rent possible every time we let a property. Our specialist lettings consultants offer a full market update and rental appraisal so you know exactly what rent you can expect to achieve before you commit to letting.

Of equal importance is that your property is occupied for as long as possible by quality tenants, so we work hard to achieve this. No stone will be left unturned in the quest to match your property with its perfect tenant.

Unlike many growing companies, we have retained in-house property management teams in our branch. This means your home is managed by a local person who is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of the rental market in your particular town or location, knows the local contractors and is available to meet face-to-face with you or your tenant.

Our employees are committed to inspiring confidence and trust in you and your fellow landlords.

There is no value in taking a chance with an unregulated agent when Open House and our experienced and qualified staff are ready to let your property and help you to realise your investment needs.

We have several tailored services that are designed to ensure you can be supported in a way that suits you. Whether you are a first timer who may not even have initially intended to let a property or an experienced landlord with a property portfolio, we have a service to match your specific needs.

Many landlords are already working with us to make the most of their investments, and if you wish to join them we would be delighted to offer advice and support via your local branch.

To find out how Open House can help you contact us.