Immigration Property Inspection Reports

We are the UK’s leading provider of Immigration Property Inspection Reports for UK Visa and Immigration purposes.

UK Visas and Immigration (Home Office) rules state that a Property Inspection Report is required for UK Visa applications that lead to settlement.

The report is needed to satisfy the Entry Clearance Officer or Immigration Officer that makes a decision on your visa application that you have adequate accommodation to reside in when you come to the UK and that it will not be overcrowded.

With UK Immigrations Law becoming tougher especially for those applying for UK Marriage, Spouse or Fiancée Visas, it is important that you have an Immigration Property Inspection Report to ensure your Visa Application will not be refused or held up.

We will undertake property inspections for UK Entry Clearance and, if the property is satisfactory, provide the certificate that is required by the Immigration Authorities.

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